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A blender with digital control board fails

the cuisinart perished....
but the power button led turns on, and the control light flashes... just no motor.

So I pulled it apart.

The motor has 3J2452 on it and above those numbers is 10H0003.
I think the 3J2452 tells me the switching is done at 3 joules and the 2452 is 17hz or something, but I can't remember the formula.

even though it may need an irreplacable main board, I would like to undestand these numbers so I can build a set os switches for it. Its a great multiple use blender with food processor, ice crusher and has multiple speeds... I could replace those with a rheostat right?
No idea what the numbers mean.
Did you first check that the bowl locks on properly and activates the one or two safety switches?.
Also, some models have a motor reset switch.