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Potential energy of suspended mass expressed in kWh

Interesting. We've just tossed our kg, so I thought that the new standard for kg had been accepted.

Well, maybe to do with trade between nations. But with that aim in mind, there is significant science in the definitions to make as many standards as possible based solely on fundamental constants that can be measured or defined; getting away from that rather arbitrary block of Pt and such.

The science doesn't care a whit whether g = 9.8m/s^2 or 32.2ft/s^2, the foot can be defined in terms of the wavelength of krypton emitted light just as easily as the meter can, absolute zero is 0.0 degrees in both Kelvin and Rankin, and so on.

G = 3.19x10^13 cubits/fortnight^2 would work just as well, too.
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I think your opinion makes sense but the physics' department has a limitless vault of details and bs with which to dazzle and baffle you. Please read post #49.

sadly a lot of the info in that post is incorrect
ohhhh and by the way, it's NOT my opinion, it's physics fact
I think the lesson here is superfluouse joules! That being said, only a gravity in the force can keep the ship stranded here, and when they release that piece of aluminum sheet, be far from the direct path of its travel....please.