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Ground plane PCB

I don't know how to read PCB's layout. As you see an image, I am not able to understand which is a conductor and which is a non-conductor. I don't know which is ground plane
images (37).jpeg
Conductors connect individual components on the board to create the circuit.

The ground plane is (usually) the largest area of 'whole' copper and electrically connected to ground - as such it may connect to many of the individual component parts themselves too.

Harald Kapp

In your image, the bare pcb carrier material looks dark, the traces (connections) look light green. That is because the copper underneath the solder mask (green lacquer) reflects the incoming light, making these parts brighter than the less reflecting carrier material.

A ground plane is a conductor like any other, but typically in the form of large areas, not thin traces. In your image, however, you see multiple planes. Obviously these are used to carry high currents. Which of these is the ground plane? The one that connects to ground (GND, 0 V), of course ;). Likely, but not necessarily, the one I marked here: